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About Core


Smart real estate decisions require advanced planning, evaluation, and implementation. CORE works closely with its clients during every phase of the real estate process to ensure that each business achieves its real estate goals. We manage details, control and coordinate activities, negotiate leases, and act on behalf of our client through an integrated process that has made CORE a leader in its field.

Thanks to CORE, real estate clients now have an expert team of professionals who will guide them through the real estate process from start to finish. No longer must they rely on independent service providers who become involved only at various stages of the process and who may lack the ability to effectively communicate and / or integrate activities. Strategic facility planners, lease negotiators, lawyers, architects, construction managers, and other service providers recognize the value of coordinating a project’s activities from the very start. This is why they prefer to work with CORE.

At CORE we assist our clients by serving as their project facilitator. Our personalized services consistently save our clients 20 – 30% off their occupancy costs. We also save clients hundreds of man-hours and eliminate most of the risk associated with their real estate decisions.




Phase One: Real Estate

• Planning

  • Strategic Facilities Planning
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Projection
  • Architectural Programming
  • Analysis – We analyze
    • Existing lease legal issues
    • Early departure default provisions
    • Holdover procedures and cost
    • Sublease and assignment rights
    • Restoration exposure
    • Project budget estimates

• Evaluation of Proposed Sites

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Development of a Comprehensive Request for Proposal
  • Evaluation of Proposal and Negotiation of Business Points
  • Evaluation of Space

• Implementation

  • Letter of Intent
  • Legal Documents
  • Tenant Build-out Process
    •  Space Planning
    • Interior Design
    • Construction/Engineering Document Preparation
    • Furniture / Computer / Phone / Procurement
Phase Two: Project Consulting
  • Value Engineering
  • Competitive Bid Process
  • Change Order Management and Negotiation
  • Contract Compliance Auditing
  • Job Administration
Phase Three: Relocation/Move
  • Furniture and Equipment Relocation Planning

Property Leasing

As a leading leasing agent in the region, our leasing assignments are aimed at successfully addressing two distinct business needs...


Tenant Representation

A company’s lease is a competitive part of their corporate assets that is essential to the effective execution of the company’s business plans.

Property Sales and More!

CORE strives to assist its clients in quantifying their individual goals in acquisition or disposition of commercial real estate.